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Leverage streamlined apps to run check-in on WindowsMac, and iOS! You can optionally run Check-In in a browser using the Java applet on a PC or Mac.

Check-In Methods

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Kiosk Check-In

Desktop Check-In iOS Check-In

Self-Check In

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Don't know which one to choose? Check out our Check-In Method Feature List and Setup Guide!

After you've completed your Check-In setup, take our Check-In Readiness Test to give you and your team the confidence to launch a successful Check-In experience from the very start!

Check-In Readiness Test



A walkthrough guide to setting up and running check-in is below. 

Check-In Setup

The Group and Check-In Station settings work hand in hand to create your customized label printing experience.

Printer Hardware Setup

Details on configuring printer hardware to use Check-In

Check-In App

A simple kiosk solution!

PC/Mac Check-in

iOS Check-In

Printer Troubleshooting

Guidance on potential issues with getting your Check-In labels to print consistently.

Check-In Enhancements

Features and methods to make the Check-In experience fast and secure is our number one goal. There may be one that can take your experience to the next level below!


Launching Browser-Based Check-In

For a simpler experience, use our apps for Windows, Mac, or iOS which are linked in the Check-In App material above.

  1. In Your ChMS, navigate to: Attendance → Check-in.
  2. Choose the Check-in Station by the name on the left or open in Kiosk Mode.
  3. Follow the 'FIRST...' prompt to download the Label Printer application and save it to the computer.
  4. Once downloaded, run the label application.
  5. Choose the printer for the device and click 'Set Printer', select the same station as Step 2, then select 'Set Station'.
  6. Leave the Java application open and find the browser window again.
  7. Select 'Continue To Check-In' to begin taking attendance.

NOTE: The steps to launch browser Check-In need to be repeated every time. Close the Java application at the end of Check-In once labels are not needing to be printed anymore.

Mark As Attended

  1. First, search for the parent or guardian who is checking in the child using a partial first or last name, last four digits of a phone number, or through one of our additional search features (The search filter features are determined by your station settings). Hit Tab or click the name to select it.
    Note: To be able to SMS alert parents from the Status report, the guardian MUST be the first name searched for. The guardian must also have a mobile number listed in their profile for the software to use.
  2. The software will present the linked family members available to Check-In.
  3. For each person being checked in, verify the Smart Check-In search has the right Group(s) or select 'Choose Group'. From the modal, choose the group he/she is being checked into.
  4. To finalize the selections and process the Check-In, click Submit.


Need a Check-Out solution? Our system can do that too  Check-Out of a Group


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