Label-Based Check-In


When a child is checked in, two labels are printed out. One for the child and one for the parent. Both labels have a unique and matching number. The child is marked as present in the group he/she was checked into. A child care worker must manually match the numbers on the labels in order to check the child out. Multiple check-in stations can be run simultaneously.

Supported Printers:

  • Brother QL-700 / QL-710W / QL-720NW
  • Brother QL-800 / QL-810W / QL-820NWB
  • Dymo 450
  • Citizen CMP-30LBTIU (Bluetooth)
  • GoDEX DT4 and DT4x

We recommend one of the wireless Brother printers, since they can also be used with the iOS Check-in app. You will need the continuous length label roll - item number DK-2205.


  1. In Your ChMS, navigate to: Settings > Check-in.
  2. Add the check-in stations you'll be using. You'll need one station per label printer that you plan on using. Even if you will just be using one printer, but in different places at different times, setup a station for each of those places. This way, the record will accurately reflect where the child was checked-in.
  3. Click the station name to customize its settings. (Ex. label logo, guardian reciept notes, extra default labels, etc.)
  4. Go to the Groups page. For each of the groups you wish to use with Check-in, click Edit, and check the "Use For Checkin?" box. Then Save.
  5. Ensure that you have Java installed on all computers that will have label printers plugged into them.
  6. Install the Drivers on these same computers. Links to the drivers can be found here.
  7. Under Permissions, assign the 'Run Check-in' permission to the roles that will need to access Check-in.
  8. If you wish to be able to SMS parents, ensure that you have enabled your SMS integration in the Settings > Services area.


  1. In Your ChMS, navigate to: Attendance > Check-in.
  2. Choose the Check-in Station you're wanting to use.
  3. Launch the Label Printer application. Click Next.
  4. Once the Application launches, choose the same check-in station you set above, and click Set Station.

Check a Child In:

  1. Search for the person who is checking in the child using a partial first / last name. The list of suggested names will filter as your type. Hit Tab or click the name to select it.
    Note: In order to be able to SMS message parents, the guardian must be the name searched for.

  2. You will now be shown the names of this person's children.
  3. For each child being checked in, check the box next to their name, then choose the group he/she is being checked into.
  4. Once done, click Submit.

You can edit the number of default labels that print with each check-in for a specific group or a specific check-in station. See this grid to determine how you will need to adjust your settings to get your desired number of labels: Label Settings Grid


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