Database People Groups (and Group Finder)


A pre-requisite to using the People Directory is that a Ministry Brands ChMS database must be integrated with the giving software for the link to work.

Integrate Giving and Database

Follow the details on how to easily integrate your Giving and Database software together

Giving Integration Guide

Once this criteria has been met, proceed with setting up Groups in MinistryOne

MinistryOne Groups brings connecting with others to the church mobile app. The uninvolved can find a group, and those already involved can connect with other members of their small group or volunteer ministry. Church administrators have full control through their ChMS over which groups display, and individuals can control what contact information displays to others.

Turn on the People Groups

Enable the integration to link the database and MinistryOne

enable the ChMS integration

Then, navigate to the Modules and toggle the button for allowing People.

Now, go to the People module area and toggle on the Groups. Groups will follow the permissions established in the group setup.


Toggle these stacking settings to let Group members see the Group(s) they are a part of with a general number of the listed members or additionally view contact information based on profile visibility settings with the second checkbox.

Additionally, enable the Group Finder if you would like to enable easy discovery of groups a member can join. Note the 'Settings' link which will take you to the Group Finder settings area in your ChMS.

Adjust the name of the tab in this area if desired using the pencil icon.

After adding these changes, make sure to use the PUBLISH button to add the updates in the project.

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