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A pre-requisite to using Self Check-In is that a Ministry Brands ChMS database must be integrated with the giving software for the link to work. In the database, follow the process of setting up Check-In and the additional option for Self Check-In to use this feature.

Integrate Giving and Database

Follow the details on how to easily integrate your Giving and Database software together

Giving Integration Guide


Setup Database Self Check-In

ChMS help article for self check-in

Refer to the help article "How To Manage Check-In: Setup, Labels and more..." on how to set up and configure check-in from the database side.

Once this criteria has been met, proceed with setting up check-in in MinistryOne

Turn on the Integration

Enable the integration to link the database and MinistryOne

enable the ChMS integration

Then, navigate to the Modules and toggle the button for allowing Self Check-In.

enable the check-in module

After adding these changes, make sure to use the PUBLISH button to add the updates in the project.

How to Self Check-In

Self Check-In is time-sensitive. Members may not start check-in from outside the church until a regular check-in has happened from a station in the building. As soon as the first check-in happens, self check-in from MinistryOne opens up and closes automatically 1 Hour after the last check-in has taken place.

Check-In can start

Tap to select the tile or find the same icon along the top of the window or in the slide-out navigation depending on the menu setup. The following screen will require users to login with their database credentials to access their family member information.

Users don’t even have to know their username/password. They can just enter their email and phone (if this information is in their database profile) and MinistryOne will match it to an account and sends your member a one-time passcode. The member can also use the standard 'Username & Password' option if they know those credentials.

member login screen

After logging in, the member is presented with their linked family members to start the pre-check-in.

linked family member list

Tap to select the individual(s) that need to be marked for check-in and select the groups they will be attending. The list of groups is dependant upon the database setup and the available groups for that member.

check-in family member

Select APPLY for each family member to add the groups they will have an attendance record added to. Once this is complete, select NEXT to generate the pre-check-in QR code.

member selection complete

check-in QR code created

About the barcode...

  • If the screen is closed or MinistryOne is closed, the QR code is not lost. Simply open the app again and use the same check-in link. The image will appear to complete the check-in.
  • QR codes have an expiration time as a security measure. They need to be used within 4 hours from when they were created.


Kiosk Check-In

Now that the QR code is created, the member can go to a kiosk set up for scanning barcodes. The guardian simply presents the code on their phone screen and the computer equipped with a scanner or an iPad with the iOS Check-In app (using the iPad camera) can scan the screen and complete the check-in. This will also print guardian and check-in labels based on the Group and Station settings.

For PC or browser based check-in, make sure the search bar is selected before scanning. Self Check-In automatically fills in this search information based on the QR code which then results in the labels printing.

completed self check-in

Post Check-in

MinistryOne also allows for extra security. In the app, the family can review their check and see the badge code for validation upon picking up the checked-in member.

review check-in status


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