Getting Started

Engage Your Community on the devices they use most!

In 2021, did you know...
1. 85% of US Adults own a smartphone. (Pew Research)
2. Your Grandma is mobile-savvy ;)  61% of those 65+ regularly use smartphones. (Pew Research)
3. Over 50% of worldwide internet traffic is from mobile apps. (TechJury)

More Than A Simple Giving App:
Your Mobile App is designed to be a central hub to engage your community with sermons, live-streaming, your ministry calendar, registration forms, your church directory, prayer requests, and much more. See all it can do!

Plus, it 'pulls in' resources you've already created (forms, calendar, media), saving you the time of duplicating efforts.

Mobile: Connect with your community - all. week. long.


Get up and running in no time!

See our two primary Getting Started resources for a great overview. Then follow up with our Help Resources below - ordered sequentially. 

A Guide to Success

First impressions are significant, so we’ve created these Launch Resources to help your rollout be a success.


(1) Get inspired!

Ideas on how your ministry might use MinistryOne. Watch our MinistryOne Live Demo!


(2) Use our Pre-Created Resources!

Use our sample images & launch checklist to promote MinistryOne. See our MinistryOne Implementation Resources


(3) Complimentary One-on-One Coaching! 

Meet with our Success Team to help plan your strategy, learn best-practices, or simply review how-to. Schedule a Free Session!


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