Check-In Printing Troubleshooting Help



Outlined below are some common troubleshooting steps to fix issues with printing during Check-in. If you’re having trouble with printer installation or finding the printer on your network, you may need to call the printer manufacturer’s support for help in those areas. Should the steps below not correct your issue, you may need to contact Support for additional help.


DYMO Label Writer 450 - 2.25 inches

DYMO Support: 1-877-724-8324


Labels are printing with information cut off the page:


  • This is most likely caused by improper setup of the DYMO drivers and/or Label offset value located in Settings on the Top menu > Check-In > Check-In Mode.
  • The recommended settings for the DYMO drivers can be configured by going to Devices and Printers via the workstation's Control Panel. Locate the DYMO printer from the list, right-click the icon, and click Printer Properties.
  • Click the "Advanced" tab and click the Printing Defaults button at the bottom of the window (You may be prompted to enter local, Active Directory administrative credentials in order to make these changes).
    • Set the Orientation to "Landscape".
    • Set the Page Order to "Front to Back"
    • Set the Pages per Sheet to 1
  • Click the Advanced Options button in the lower-right of the same Printing Default window.
  • Configure the options to these settings
    • Paper Size is 30857 Badge Label
    • Print Quality is 300 x 300 dots per inch
    • Advanced Printing Features are Enabled
    • Pages per Sheet Layout is Right then Down
    • Color Printing Mode is Enhanced
    • Halftoning is Photo Quality
    • Print Quality is Text Only
    • Print Density is Normal
    • Continuous Mode is Disabled
  • Click OK through the windows to save the changes
  • Sign into Your ChMS and navigate to Settings > Check-In Mode > Label Printer Model.
    • Be sure it is set to use the Dymo LabelWriter 450 - 2.25 inches.
    • Set the Label Left Offset to 10**
    • Set the Label Top Offset to 0.

Note: These may be different if the Church Logo image size is too Big/Small. Try adjusting the Left and Top offsets before resizing the Church Logo image.


Nothing prints to the printer when checking someone into a session:


  • Be sure the DYMO printer is connected to the computer and turned on. It is not a wireless device.
  • Be sure the DYMO printer icon is not greyed out in Devices and Printers, which indicates that the device is either off or disconnected.
  • Try printing a test page by right-clicking the DYMO printer icon in Devices and Printers and going to Printer Properties and clicking the Print Test Page button. If it prints and the child check-in labels do not print, the problem is likely with the setup in Your ChMS rather than the Printer Drivers. Review the Setup of the Groups, Check-in Mode, and Check-in Stations in Your ChMS.


Brother Printers

Brother Support: 1-877-276-8437


Note: The Brother QL-570 should have similar driver settings as the QL-710W or QL-720NW.


The Label printer cuts off too far down the tape and cuts into the next label:


  • Be sure the paper loaded into the printer is the 62mm 2-3/7'' 205 labels.(Brother DK 2205) It should be on the back of the labels. A 202 label, for example, is not in a continuous feed format, which is what is needed for printing check-in labels.
    • A continuous feed format is basically one long label that the printer cuts at normal intervals. A non-continuous feed format label has dozens of labels on a roll with space between each label for the cutter to slice. These types of labels are outside the dimensions needed to print check-in labels using Your ChMS.


Nothing prints when a child is being checked in:


There can be a number of areas needing to be reviewed. Review each of the following points with your local IT staff to make sure there is not an issue in any of these areas.

  1. First, determine if it's Your ChMS labels that are failing to print or is it a problem with the Brother drivers.
    You can test this by going to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right-click the Brother printer Icon > Click Printer Properties > Click "Print Test Page"
  2. If a "Test Page" prints, then there is an issue between the printer drivers and Your ChMS system. Move on to Step 3 for further troubleshooting help.
    If a "Test Page" does NOT print, there is a setup issue between the Brother Drivers on the computer and the Brother Printer. The causes for this range from a Brother setup issue to a network configuration issue which can be reviewed in the details of Step 4. We advise contacting Brother Support (contact information is above) to work alongside the church's IT staff to resolve these issues. Once a test page can be printed over the network or USB from the Brothers drivers, we can then resume troubleshooting the printing from Your ChMS if needed.
  3. If the "Test Page" prints, we then need to isolate the problem further by plugging in the printer to the computer rather than using the wireless printing capability.
    • Once the printer is plugged in directly to the workstation, try running a test Check-in Label by checking a child into Your ChMS.
    • If it prints, then the issue is with the wireless network in conjunction with the Your ChMS software.
      • The most common problem is that the Wireless Network on which the printer is setup has ports 81, 1338 and/or 1339 blocked. Have an IT person or network administrator verify these ports are open (both TCP and UDP).
  4. If the "Test Page" does NOT print and the power light on the device turns to a flashing red light, it usually means the print job sent to the printer has dimensions set in the drivers that do not line up with the Your ChMS Label. To correct this, you'll need to set the Brother printer drivers to the correct dimensions.
    • Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right-click on the Brother printer > Select Printer Properties.
    • Click the Preferences button
      • For Brother QL-720NW & QL-820NWB printers:
        • Paper Size: 2.4'' x 3.9''
        • Width: 2.4''
        • Length: 3.93''
        • Feed: .12''
        • Orientation: Landscape
        • The other options can be left alone
      • For Brother QL-710W, QL-800, & QL-810W Printers:
        • Paper Size: 2.4''
        • Width: 2.4''
        • Length: 3.90''
        • Feed: .12''
        • Orientation: Landscape
        • The other options can be left alone
    • Click Apply, then OK
    • Next, back in the Printer Properties window, go to the Advanced tab and click the button for Printing Defaults. You may be prompted to enter local Active Directory username and password to proceed.
    • Make the exact same changes here for the corresponding printer as you just did previously for the respective Brother QL-710W and Brother QL-720NW printer(s).
    • Click Apply, then OK
    • Attempt to print a test page again


Brother QL810W & QL 820NWB User Guide (See page 54 for help with printer powering the printer off).


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